SEO Pricing

Our Pricing Details


Our SEO Brisbane Pricing is calculated based on the number of campaigns your site needs, as well as the level of competition in each campaign. For this reason we don’t have a pricing scale with an itemized list of what we will do for you each month. SEO Packages are a typically ‘old fashioned’ model which doesn’t take the unique circumstances of each client into consideration.

As a general guide though, individual SEO campaigns cost $550+GST to $1500+GST per month each. We usually only do one campaign per ranking page or keyword family. So let’s say, for example, you are a marketing firm with branches in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. You would like to rank in each of those cities for the same keywords. In this case we would recommend one campaign per city. Each campaign’s monthly cost would depend on the level of competition in each city.


How Long Does Each Campaign Run For?


SEO Campaigns run for as long as you want them to. You can stop at anytime with just 30-days’ notice. You can scale up or scale down at any time with just 30-days’ notice. So let’s say after 6 months your site hits the top 5 in Google for you main term, you may decide to reduce the campaign cost to just maintain the current rankings, and fund a new campaign to target another ranking page or keyword family.

Pricing SEO really depends on your current budget, expectations, competition, and the history of your website. We can assure you that we will always to do our best to work in with whatever budget you have and get the best results we can with that. To get an idea about SO Pricing for your projects, please request an obligation-free quote. Don’t worry – we don’t hustle ; ).