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One of the frequently asked questions when it comes to SEO is, “What is an SEO Specialist and what do they do?”

First of all, search engine optimisation (SEO) aids people in finding certain products and information online; specifically on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Google. With that said, an SEO specialist is someone who researches and analyses SEO’s best practices and trends in order to constantly develop strategies and improve online search results.

The main goal is to generate more traffic to a website through the use of relevant keywords and keyword topics to upgrade the overall user experience while meeting the guidelines of search engines. However, as with technology in general, search engines are constantly changing. One of the roles of an SEO specialist is to keep up with these changes.

Consider this example; years ago, if you search for the keyword ‘SEO’, you’ll be presented with a list of SEO companies along with Google’s own entry and the definition of SEO from Wikipedia. However, the tides have changed through the years. As of the moment, only one SEO company shows up on the first age of Google. What you’ll mostly see is a list of informative articles about SEO such as how-tos, definitions, or a beginner’s guide.

This is because Google realized that when people look up the term SEO, they were more interested on general information rather than a list of companies or agencies. As time passed by, Google’s algorithms changed to cater this behavior and now, Google now delivers the results people actually look for in a keyword.

A skilled SEO specialist must be able to pinpoint these changes, understand its meaning, and establish strategies that will work effectively.

An SEO Specialist on The Job

Your website’s final ranking on a search engine is determined by hundreds of factors. Other than that, knowing the type of trends Google may associate with your keywords can be challenging.

While it is an SEO specialist’s responsibility to do tweak your website and leave your links scattered all over the internet, they also have to constantly be on the lookout for changes and trends in order to maximize website traffic. Maximizing website traffic not only means increasing the traffic but also finding the right people who are ready to take action and do business with you.

When specialists optimise a website for search engines, they have to be aware of certain factors in order to implement the right strategies. Since technology is ever-changing, SEO cannot apply the same set of strategies over and over again. These days, SEO is more than just keywords and meta tags.

An SEO specialist has to be flexible and willing to continuously learn so they can deal with the factors at hand; they also need a wide range of skills to do so. For you to be able to get a gist of what a specialist should understand, here’s a short list. Specialists have to know:

  • How social media increases the value of a website
  • If pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is worth the investment
  • How to leverage rising trends such as video SEO
  • Why backlinks and links are important
  • Why content marketing is important
  • On-page strategies to help rank a webpage
  • Off-page strategies to help rank a webpage

Choosing the Right SEO Specialist

A legitimate SEO specialist should be able to provide you with various examples of how they have helped their past clients increase their website ranking and visibility. Additionally, they would have to show you how the website optimisation benefited the client in the long run.

Most SEO companies offer to perform a site audit before they give out a price quote. This enables both parties to know the amount of work necessary to attain the client’s overall goals.

Before investing in SEO, it is important to remember that proper website optimisation will take time. If you are in need of immediate results, SEO isn’t for you. Most SEO campaigns state at least three months is needed for you to be able to see positive changes in website traffic. For more competitive terms, it may even extend up to six months to years.

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